Helping clinicians spend more time with patients

Clinicians spend half their day staring at the electronic health record system

Physicians today are inundated with an overload of disorganized information. According to a JAMA Network Open study, poor access to the info they need is leading many doctors to burnout. Our clinical search tools are designed to streamline a clinician’s workflow and give them more time to spend where it’s most valuable — caring for patients.

Laptop with Clinical Search Tools on screen

The power of Google Search for medicine

Our clinical search tools leverage Google’s expertise in organizing information and AI, providing caregivers an intelligent and delightful interface to locate medical information quickly and more intuitively. With support from AI-powered models, we can help transform healthcare from reactive to preventative.

Laptop with health information on screen

Important information first

Our tools give clinicians a clean, simple view that automatically brings forward important information for patient care. Allowing the option to click for tables, graphs, and other ways to visualize health data and trends, the Google-powered search function is tuned for clinicians to show relevant and useful results first.

Decluttering healthcare data

Today’s medical data is often siloed, organized by the type of encounter instead of by person. Our data platform is simplifying a mess of information by creating a real-time, normalized longitudinal representation of a person’s clinical data.

Foundational research for our tools

There’s more to understand about the research that powers our tools.

Privacy is a core tenet

Our tools are designed to adhere to industry-wide regulations that protect patient data and govern how data can be used and processed, including HIPAA.