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Contribute to important health research studies with leading institutions — right from your phone.

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Health research led by scientists, enhanced by Google

In partnership with doctors, nurses, and health researchers, Google Health is providing secure technology that can help improve our understanding of health. Our partnerships will always be guided by healthcare experts focused on questions that are important to improving well-being.

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Improving the health of your community

Just as individuals have specific healthcare needs, so do individual communities. By participating in Google Health Studies research, you can help leading institutions and researchers develop a better understanding of your community’s specific health issues and needs. Your study participation can impact the health of your region — and even the future of healthcare for all.

Protecting your health information

Personal health information is extremely sensitive, which is why Google Health Studies uses privacy-preserving methods to keep your data private and protected. If you choose to participate in research with Google Health Studies, Google does not sell your study data and does not use it to show you ads. You must explicitly consent to the purposes for which it will be used. You can easily unenroll from studies at any time. And if you choose to delete the app, all study data will be deleted from your phone and no new information will be collected.

Learn how your information is used and secured.

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