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Streams: a mobile medical device

Streams enables earlier clinical decision-making by improving clinicians’ access to key patient information such as vital signs, blood test results, radiology reports and more.

Helping clinicians during COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Streams added clinical flags to highlight patients’ COVID-19 test results, helping clinicians quickly determine the right infection control precautions.

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Getting a headstart on tackling acute kidney injury

When patients have a sudden reduction in kidney function, known as acute kidney injury, early intervention is key. Streams is part of a digitally-enabled care pathway at the Royal Free London NHS Trust which alerts clinicians when AKI occurs - reducing time to treatment and reducing costs of care. In an evaluation published in Nature, Streams showed that patient care can be improved, and health care costs reduced, through the use of digital tools. Read the post

It’s obvious Streams was designed in collaboration with clinicians, with clinicians in mind.

- Nurse, Royal Free London

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Building safety and security into Streams

Streams is tailored in close partnership with clinicians to fit the complex hospital environment in which they work. It’s registered as a Medical Device and compliant with DCB0129 clinical risk management standards. Streams complies with data protection legislation and data security standards.