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At Google Health, we want to help everyone live more life every day through products and services that connect and bring meaning to health information. We’re developing technology solutions to enable care teams to deliver better, faster and more connected care. We’re working on products and features to empower people to be healthier with the information, assistance, and connections they need to act on their health. And we’re exploring the use of artificial intelligence to assist in diagnosing cancer, predicting patient outcomes, preventing blindness and much more. Our work complements Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

The Check Up

Learn more about Google's COVID-19 response, how AI technology can help doctors and how mobile technology can transform healthcare. Or watch individual segments from the event here.

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Giving information needed to respond to COVID-19

Our priority has been to see that people get the right information at the right time because we believe it can save lives in a pandemic. Teams across Google are also contributing tools and resources to the public health, scientific and medical communities who are addressing the needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Privacy matters

When you use Google’s products and services, you trust us with your data. It’s our responsibility to keep your data private and secure. And at Google Health, we are guided by core privacy and security principles as we build new products and services.

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