Accelerating health impact through collaboration

The Strategic Health Solutions (SHS) team is excited to tackle complex healthcare challenges. We embrace an iterative approach, constantly learning and adapting our solutions based on real-world use cases and partner feedback. Our work spans the complete solution lifecycle - from identification of a need, build of a solution, and extended support in accelerating solution adoption across broader populations. To do this, we work in collaboration with our partners, to ensure the needs of the consumers, caregivers, and communities they serve are being met through the products and services we build.

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Our Mission

Strategic Health Solutions mission is to create, prototype, and accelerate the adoption of products and services that positively impact global health through connections with products across Google and the health ecosystem.

Our Co-Creation Framework
Our SHS expert, cross-functional team takes ideas from concept to reality with rapid product prototyping, in-market validation, and scaled development. By harnessing the collective knowledge and expertise of products across Google and the broader health ecosystem, we’re building solutions that are:
Focused on addressing unmet needs and real-world health challenges.
Designed with the needs and preferences of consumers, caregivers, and the community in mind.
Aimed at advancing health equity to help everyone achieve their full health potential.
Protected by responsible data practices and core privacy and security principles.
Able to reach large numbers of people and make a significant impact on global health.
Opportunity Selection

Opportunity Selection

A co-creation process beginning with identifying the need, collaborators and assessing alignment across overall strategy.

Solution Co-Creation

Solution Co-Creation

Working together to define value, product requirements, and solution-market fit with User Experience and Design research.

Prototype & Test

Prototype & Test

Iterative testing for validation and feedback collection to ensure the solution resonates with users.

Launch at Scale

Launch at Scale

A comprehensive launch across products to support the solution’s impact on health for diverse populations.

Solving global health challenges together

SHS serves to open doors in the pursuit of innovative solutions that address global health challenges. We believe that collaboration is key to success, partnering with Google subject & product experts, leading healthcare organizations, health ministries, and academic institutions to leverage diverse expertise and resources. Examples of our work include:

Addressing gaps in atrial fibrillation detection with the Bristol-Myers Squibb-Pfizer Alliance

  • Our collaboration with the Bristol-Myers Squibb-Pfizer Alliance aims to improve early diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AFib), a major stroke risk factor. Together, we have developed guidance for people at risk, providing users with insight into signs of Afib with our FDA-cleared algorithm. Learn more

Leveraging AI to diagnose cardiovascular disease

  • A pioneering project to help improve diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The project uses AI to analyze ECGs and monitor patients remotely with wearables. This will allow for early diagnosis and personalized treatment plans, marking a major step forward in AI for healthcare.

Building a better view of health for the Haga Teaching Hospital

  • In collaboration with the Hague's Haga Teaching Hospital, we’re helping enhance healthcare with a pilot study named ME-TIME, in which 100 individuals at risk of heart disease will monitor health metrics at home with a wrist-worn wearable. The encrypted data will allow physicians to analyze it in real-time, potentially enabling early detection and prevention of life-threatening conditions. Learn more

Partnering with insurers to connect older adults to a healthier future

  • Programming to make personalized wellbeing support more accessible to older adults by partnering with government-sponsored and private health insurers. The goal is to help people with chronic conditions bridge the gap with their doctors by providing data that can be used to improve and personalize care.