Access to high-quality, relevant health information and care on Google Search

We’ve always believed that knowledge is empowering, and this is especially true when it comes to health. In ways big and small, we strive to provide everyone with the critical information they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

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Helping people

Helping people find health information from sources they trust

People across the globe use Google Search to find trusted and relevant information about health conditions, symptoms, and treatments. Our information panels cover hundreds of conditions from authoritative sources, from the common cold to muscle strain, headaches, anxiety and more. When you search for symptoms, we show a list of related conditions to help you quickly see where you can do more in-depth research or talk to a health professional.

Search for Skin Conditions with Lens

It can be hard to use words alone to describe an odd mole or rash on your skin. Lens can now help you search for skin conditions that are visually similar to what you see on your skin. Take a picture of your skin with Lens in the Google App, and you’ll find visually-similar matches to inform your search. This feature, available in select markets, also works if you’re not sure how to describe something else on your body, like a bump on your lip or hair loss on your head.

This is an image comparison feature that matches to images available publicly on the world wide web. This feature does not constitute a medical analysis of the image. Search results are informational only and not a diagnosis. Consult your medical authority for advice. This feature is not related to the DermAssist tool, which is no longer in development.

Answering hundreds of millions of health-related questions a day

In the U.S., three in four people turn to the internet first in their search for health information. More than half of people in Europe seek health information online, and the number is growing. That’s why, no matter what you're searching for on Google, it's our mission to connect people with relevant and authoritative information when and where people need it.

Three in four people turn to the internet first in their search for health information in the U.S.

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One in two people sought online health information in Europe

Connecting people to care providers

Connecting people to care providers

We’re making it easier for people to navigate critical aspects of finding care in the U.S. We’ve added information about hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers so users can more easily find the right care for them.

Improving access for those who need it most

Improving access for those who need it most

We’re also committed to helping make access to care more equitable and have added more organized information on government insurance programs in the U.S. This includes eligibility requirements and how to apply, to help people with limited income and resources access care.

Elevating mental health resources

Elevating mental health resources

People often turn to search engines during a crisis. In addition to returning helpful information from reliable sources, we highlight quick, and trusted resources that vulnerable people can access confidentially for help. We’ve partnered with organizations globally, such as ThroughLine, to surface crisis hotline information for topics like suicide, sexual assault, and domestic violence. We also launched several clinically-validated self-assessment tools in the U.S. that appear when a user searches for information related to mental health conditions.

Tools to help you evaluate information

Tools to help you evaluate information

Details about a website before you visit it, including its description, when it was first indexed and what others say about the source and topic, are provided by the About this result feature. And when helpful or relevant information isn’t available on the web, like during a rapidly evolving event where interest in a topic can often travel faster than the facts – or when relevant information simply doesn’t exist for your search, we alert you with a notice recommending that you check back later or try another search.

Protecting privacy and securing data

Every day we work to earn your trust by providing reliable information and protecting your privacy with built-in security technology. We secure your data with industry-leading technology and by encrypting every search. We build controls so you can choose the privacy settings that are right for you. And we never sell your personal information.