AI-enabled diagnostics previously thought impossible

In partnership with healthcare organizations globally, we’re researching robust new AI-enabled tools focused on diagnostics to assist clinicians. Drawing from diverse datasets, high-quality labels, and state-of-the-art deep learning techniques, we are making models that we hope will eventually support medical specialists in diagnosing disease. We’re excited to further develop this research towards new frontiers—and to demonstrate that AI has the ability to enable novel, transformative diagnostics.

What we can see from the eye alone

Dr. David Feinberg recalls a Google intern’s discovery when learning about machine learning from retina scans.

Video courtesy of HLTH

Using AI to help doctors address eye disease

Novel biomarkers for
non-eye related conditions

Using AI to improve
lung cancer detection

Using AI to improve
breast cancer detection

Further research in
imaging and diagnostics

We continue to advance AI-enabled imaging research in other domains, expanding this technology to facilitate transformative diagnostics.