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Cross-Specialty Applied AI

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    Supervised Transfer Learning at Scale for Medical Imaging

    Mustafa, B., Loh, A., Freyberg, J., MacWilliams, P., Karthikesalingam, A., Houlsby, N. & Natarajan, V.

    arXiv [cs.CV] (2021).

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    Big Self-Supervised Models Advance Medical Image Classification

    Azizi, S., Mustafa, B., Ryan, F., Beaver, Z., Freyberg, J., Deaton, J., Loh, A., Karthikesalingam, A., Kornblith, S., Chen, T., Natarajan, V. & Norouzi, M.

    arXiv [eess.IV] (2021).

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    Underspecification Presents Challenges for Credibility in Modern Machine Learning

    D’Amour, A., Heller, K., Moldovan, D., Adlam, B., Alipanahi, B., Beutel, A., Chen, C., Deaton, J., Eisenstein, J., Hoffman, M. D., Hormozdiari, F., Houlsby, N., Hou, S., Jerfel, G., Karthikesalingam, A., Lucic, M., Ma, Y., McLean, C., Mincu, D., Mitani, A., Montanari, A., Nado, Z., Natarajan, V., Nielson, C., Osborne, T. F., Raman, R., Ramasamy, K., Sayres, R., Schrouff, J., Seneviratne, M., Sequeira, S., Suresh, H., Veitch, V., Vladymyrov, M., Wang, X., Webster, K., Yadlowsky, S., Yun, T., Zhai, X. & Sculley, D.

    arXiv [cs.LG] (2020).

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    Contrastive Training for Improved Out-of-Distribution Detection

    Winkens, J., Bunel, R., Roy, A. G., Stanforth, R., Natarajan, V., Ledsam, J. R., MacWilliams, P., Kohli, P., Karthikesalingam, A., Kohl, S., Cemgil, T., Ali Eslami, S. M. & Ronneberger, O.

    arXiv [cs.LG] (2020).

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    Customization scenarios for de-identification of clinical notes

    Hartman, T., Howell, M., Dean, J., Hoory, S., Slyper, R., Laish, I., Gilon, O, Vainstein, D., Corrado, G., Chou, K., Po, M., Williams, J., Ellis, S., Bee, G., Hassidim, A., Amira, R., Beryozkin, G., Szpektor, I., & Matias, Y.

    BMC (2020).



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