technology that
supports better care

Google Health is partnering with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide technology that can help them deliver better care.

Today, we’re providing tools that are speeding up the detection of issues and treatment of patients. These tools improve outcomes, reduce costs and enhance both patient and clinician experience. In the future, we’re exploring how we can help clinicians by better organizing the complex information they rely on to make important care decisions. As part of that exploration, we’re investigating how artificial intelligence may help spot the earliest signs of disease or potential harm.

When creating new clinical tools in collaboration with nurses, doctors and other clinical team members, we recognize that health data is important and sensitive. Our top priority is keeping that data and information secure. We are committed to safekeeping your information with advanced security technologies and complying with healthcare industry standards.

Google Cloud

Additionally, Google Cloud’s data management solutions are helping healthcare organizations utilize their data to the fullest and healthcare providers manage their data interoperability challenges.