Enable healthcare appointment booking on Google Search & Maps

We partner with healthcare practices and data providers to integrate their appointment booking information on Google. This integration helps people searching for nearby healthcare providers or facilities find appointments that work for them, directly on Google Search and Maps. Sign up to enable appointment booking on Google today.

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Finding an appointment can improve access to care

One of the largest hurdles for people searching for healthcare can be finding an appointment that fits their schedule. In fact, the average wait time for a primary care appointment in the U.S. is often 26 or more days.

How it works

A “Book Online” button will be visible to anyone viewing your practice or provider(s) on Google Search and Maps. When a user clicks the button, they’ll be directed to your website to complete the booking process. No booking happens on Google.

Data feeds are shared with Google via a secure partner portal with detailed information about practitioners, facilities, and appointment types.

Data is analyzed by internal Google systems for compliance with data feed and policy requirements

A “Book Online” button is shown on Google Search or Maps, as well as a list of appointment types on the “Services” tab of the Google Business Profile

People looking for care are directed to and complete their booking on your website

Easy setup

Understand the data requirements for setup and feeds to integrate with the appointment availability feature here. You can find the complete set of policies for appointments to be visible here.

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the appointment booking feature.

Where is this feature available?

Our feature is currently available in the United States and 87+ other countries.

Is there a fee associated with signing up for this feature to show appointment information with Google?

No, Google does not charge partners to show appointment information on Google Search.

What partners are eligible for this feature?

Partners who support patient self-scheduling with healthcare providers or facilities are eligible for this feature. Qualified partners will be required to abide by our policies and developer documentation.

What is the sign up process?

Once partners review our developer documentation and policies, they can submit their interest here. A member of our team will reach out to share a qualification questionnaire as the first step in your sign up process.