Making health information more accessible and useful

Our team of engineers, clinicians, researchers and other healthcare experts are focused on deploying clinical tools and technology solutions that provide care teams the information and products they need to deliver better, faster, and
more connected care to their patients.

Giving clinicians a whole-person view

Doctors want faster access to the right information at the right time — information that’s often scattered across different parts of the chart, patient information systems, and providers. We’re deploying tools that allow clinicians to search, browse, and see highlights across a patient’s broader electronic health record — pulling relevant data and generating summaries across multiple sources in order to help clinicians spend more time caring for patients.

Old and young hands on a walker

The Streams app

Streams is a mobile medical device that improves clinicians’ on-the-go access to critical information they need to make key decisions for their patients. Streams is tailored in close partnership with clinicians to fit the complex hospital environment in which they work.

Medical scan of eyeball

Using AI to help prevent blindness

In clinics in India and Thailand, our Automated Retinal Disease Assessment tool is helping healthcare providers screen for diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness in these countries, potentially allowing millions of patients with diabetes to keep their vision.

Privacy matters

As Google deploys new clinical tools, we recognize your health data is important and sensitive. Our top priority is keeping your data and information secure. We are committed to safekeeping your information with advanced security technologies designed to adhere to legal and healthcare industry standards.