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Access to quality sources of health information

At Google Health, we’re deploying tools and initiatives that are designed to help everyone make more informed health decisions for themselves and their loved ones. By making authoritative information more accessible, assisting the broader scientific community, and leveraging Google’s powerful technologies, we can help people live healthier lives.

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Use technology to help experts better understand your community’s health

Contribute to health research from leading institutions right from your phone. Review study findings and see how your health data is helping researchers. With just one minute a week, you can help improve the future of healthcare research.

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The information you need to find the care that’s right for you

We are updating US healthcare providers’ Business Profiles on Google Search and Maps to include the insurance that a provider accepts, with the ability to filter for Medicare coverage, and information on available language assistance to help users find care in their preferred language. As many people turn to Search to start their unique care journey, these features can help them with finding the right care for themselves or loved ones.

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Self-assessments for mental health

We’ve launched clinically-validated self-assessments for mental health on Google Search that appear when someone searches for information related to mental health conditions like PTSD. Depending on a user’s responses, the tools help individuals understand whether they have symptoms related to certain mental health conditions, as well as links to appropriate resources and support options for mental healthcare.

Accurate and useful health information

We’re increasing the quantity, quality, and diversity of health-related content and access to care options across Google products like Search, Maps, and YouTube to help people make educated decisions around their health. Our team is passionate about using technology to help people find the care they need, when they need it.

Your privacy matters

When you use Google Health products and services, it’s our responsibility to keep your data private and secure. And at Google Health, we adhere to rigorous privacy and security principles in order to deliver products and services you can trust.