A whole new way to help identify your skin conditions

Learn more about skin conditions in minutes with DermAssist, a guided skin search app from Google Health that helps you find personalized information about your skin concerns after a few questions and three quick photos.

DermAssist is CE-marked as a Class 1 Medical Device, and is currently undergoing further market testing through a limited release. If you’re interested in trying DermAssist, sign up here to be notified when the tool is available in your region or to contribute to our research.

Man sitting and looking at his skin condition. Woman looking for matching skin conditions in the user interface floating above.

2 billion people around the world have skin, hair, and nail conditions

At Google, we see billions of skin-related searches each year. Through our expertise in organizing information, artificial intelligence, and collaboration with partners, we are building DermAssist to help guide search journeys for information about skin conditions.

We are committed to making DermAssist work for everyone. This includes ensuring DermAssist works accurately across all skin tones, skin types, and more.

DermAssist is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide a medical diagnosis. DermAssist is not available in the United States and the FDA has not evaluated this tool for safety or efficacy.

GIF of user’s skin condition on hand being identified with DermAssist.

How DermAssist works

Submit information about your skin

From your phone or computer, upload 3 photos of your skin condition and answer a few questions. Using what it has learned from millions of skin-related images, DermAssist then looks for signs of various skin conditions in your submitted photos and information.

Receive results within a minute

In a matter of seconds, DermAssist provides you with a list of possible matching skin conditions, and helpful information about each.

DermAssist is designed for use by…

  • People 16 and older
  • People not looking for a medical diagnosis
Pensive woman observing possible skin condition matches.

Identifies 288 skin, hair, and nail conditions

Built with dermatologists

DermAssist is the culmination of years of machine learning research, dermatologist-reviewed content, user testing, and product development. Our image search technology is constantly improving, and we’ve come a long way from our foundational research paper.

Built to be comprehensive

Trained using millions of skin images, DermAssist can identify more than 90 percent of the most commonly searched-for skin conditions, and research demonstrates that the underlying technology can help clinicians better identify skin conditions across all populations.

Man pointing to checklist and data.

DermAssist is validated through testing

DermAssist is CE-marked as a Class 1 Medical Device in the EU. We work with diverse partners and clinicians to guide our research and product development, review the data collected, validate product performance, and comply with regulatory requirements.

A group of people standing together.

Our commitment to health equity

Everyone deserves access to helpful, accurate information about their skin conditions. We are partnering with organizations and clinicians that serve patients from diverse backgrounds to build DermAssist in an equitable way. This includes ensuring our technology is representative of people across a range of skin tones and skin types, and researching DermAssist’s impact on health equity.

Data privacy, user control, and transparency are our priorities

Image of user’s hand toggling on and off data permissions.

Users are always in control of how their data is - or is not - shared.

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DermAssist does not use your information for advertising purposes.

Image of user icon, overlaid by a protected password.

All data is stored securely, and encrypted for your safety.

Learn more about how DermAssist helps identify skin issues

Google’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Karen DeSalvo, shares how DermAssist uses artificial intelligence to help you understand your skin concerns.